General ordering terms and conditions in E-Shop

  1. Applicability

    1. This document is a purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Terms", "Terms and Conditions", "Conditions" or "Agreement".

    2. The present terms are applicable for all legal relations arising between all persons and run by Astela OÜ, reg. code 12664403, Joala tn. 3–M6, Narva, Estonia, 20103 (hereinafter referred to as Astela E-Shop), as a result of purchasing the products from E-Shop.

    3. In addition to the present terms, the legal relations arising as a result of purchasing the products from Astela E-Shop are regulated by applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.

    4. In order to provide the best and most secure sevice and for the benefit of Astela E-Shop development, Astela OÜ has the right to amend and supplement the present terms as well as price list. All terms and pricing changes will be published online on website. Terms and pricing changes come into effect immediately after their publication on website. Should the order be placed before the terms change have occured, the legal relations between the client and Astela OÜ are to be regulated according to the conditions which were in force at the time of placing the order, unless provided otherwise by law or the present terms.

  2. Pricing

    1. Prices for products sold in the store quoted in EUR excluding transport costs and include VAT 20%.

    2. Shipping cost of goods is calculated automatically. This amount is reflected in the shopping cart, as well as on the exposed client invoice / order confirmation. The customer always sees the shipping costs amount before paying the order.

    3. Shipping cost is calculated automatically based on the data provided by the client, and is provided that one order is delivered to the same address. If the client wants him to deliver the goods to the different addresses, client needs to issue different orders. Also in the event that the buyer during the ordering process chooses a self-delivery (ie, not issued postage), he can get the goods in the Seller's office, but only after E-Shop will send a notification per e-mail.

    4. Astela OÜ reserves the right to change the price list. If the client sent his order before the price change takes effect, it's true for the price, which was reflected in the account at the time of the order execution, provided that the order has not been canceled, for reasons set out in this Agreement.

  3. Shopping cart and order placement

    1. Shopping cart is created in digital form after clicking "Add to Cart" button.

    2. Adding goods to cart does not cause or mean the conclusion of this agreement.

    3. It is possible to change the number of products in the cart. To continue the checkout click the link E-Shop offers. You will be redirected to the subscriber data page. For ordering Astela OÜ recommends the buyer to register and create an account.

    4. On the page you will be asked to enter the billing info. Fill in the buyer's credentials and click "next". On the next page you will have to choose the payment method and confirm the order.

    5. Please double-check the billing and shipping information, as the quick and uninterrupted delivery of your order depends on the accuracy of the submitted info.

    6. After payment the invoice will be automatically sent to the buyers e-mail address specified in the order.

    7. The contract enters into force only at the moment the paymet is made.

  4. Paying for an order

    1. For the payment choose on the checkout page convenient for you payment method.

    2. Order can be paid using the following options:

      • Credit and debit cards with the function of internet payments. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express.

      • PayPal.

      • Swedbank. Only the customers of Swedbank Estonian branch are able to make a payment through their Internet-bank.

    3. In case of order cancellation or product return the money will be returned only the same way, which was used when making an order. In case of refund Astela OÜ has the right to demand from the client to provide identity document or any other document, and also to pass a verification procedure.

    4. The cost of fault detection and/or an amount of product value decrease will be restrained from the sum returned. In addition, the cost of services provided by Astela shop (for example, transportation, installation, removal of old equipment etc.) will be restrained from the sum returned and is not subject to return.

  5. Delivery and acceptance

    1. Term the paid goods are delivered is divided into two time periods:

      • The period, during which the paid order is made, packaged and prepared for shipping. This time for each order is individual, but always takes 1 to 30 working days.

      • The period, during which the transport company delivers the order to the customer. This period ranges from 2 to 10 working days.

    2. The total period to get the goods in any EU country ranges from 3 to a maximum of 40 working days.

    3. E-Shop team always makes the best and necessary efforts to ensure that the customer will receive the goods as quickly as possible, but guarantee the delivery to the customer only within 40 working days.

    4. Astela OÜ by itself does not deliver the goods.

    5. Delivery of goods in the EU is carried out only as an additional service and only by our trusted and contractual delivery partners.

    6. E-Shop sells and delivers goods only in the territory of the EU.

    7. It is possible to change the delivery time or place only in case, if the delivery partner allows doing it.

    8. Shipping cost is calculated by our E-Shop automatically and individually for each order. Many factors do influence the cost of delivery:

      • Weight;

      • Features of the goods packaging;

      • Parcel size;

      • Number and type of items in the order;

      • The country of destination and delivery address;

      • Kind of delivery service;

      • at alias.

    9. Not every order can be delivered as one parcel. Some orders are shipped as 2 or 3 parcels. Therefore, based on the above factors, our E-Shop can add automatically an additional delivery cost to every item in the order. E-Shop will calculate the total delivery cost of the order and will show it to the customer before getting the order to be paid.

    10. Goods are transferred to the customer on the basis of supporting documents. Before the customer accepts the goods and confirms receipt of the goods by his signature on the accompanying documents, should he carefully examine the goods. If there is a visible damage, it is not recommended to take. By putting his signature on the accompanying document, the customer acknowledges that upon receipt of the goods were not damaged.

    11. If the contract provides the delivery of the goods, but the obligation to deliver the goods to the client does not lie on Astela OÜ, the duty on the transfer of goods to the customer is completed at the time of goods transfer to the carrier, which is obliged to deliver the goods from the destination to the client.

    12. The customer undertakes to follow the correct contact information in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery. Astela OÜ and the transport company are not liable for delivery delays and other misunderstandings in the event that they are caused by inaccurate or incorrect data entered by the client.

  6. Cancellations and returns

    1. The client has the right to cancel the order only if the order has not yet been paid.

    2. After receiving the goods, the Customer has 14 days to get acquainted with the product. If the product is not suitable, the Customer may return it or exchange for another item within 14 days of receipt of the goods (in terms of the present contract), sending to us an e-mail: The goods can be returned by courier, postage or by yourself at: Joala tn. 3-M6, 20103, Narva, Estonia.

    3. The return cost pays the customer by himself. When returning goods the customer also pays the cost of fault detection at a rate of 10 €.

    4. Refund will not be paid for rendered services (as the delivery...).

    5. In case of the goods return with the signs of use, damaged goods, goods with tainted packaging, Astela OÜ has the right to refuse to accept the goods or to agree on the amount of compensation in the amount of decrease of the goods costs. To produce an interconnect Astela OÜ will send to the Client application to the email address specified by the Customer when placing the order. In case of the client’s disagreement with the stated amount of the goods value reduction, the client have the right to attract independent experts. An independent examination costs are divided equally between the Client and Astela OÜ, except the cases, where the claim of one party is obviously unfounded. In this case, the examination costs are borne by the party whose claim is obviously unfounded.

    6. When cancelling the order or when returning the product, to the client is returned the sum paid for the order, with the deduction of the defectation fee in amount of up to 10 €. Purchase sum that was paid for returned product will be returned according to the method of payment used when making a purchase throughout 14 days starting from the moment when we will receive a notification concerning product return upon condition that the client has returned the product throughout the same period, namely throughout 14 days, except the conditions provided in paragraphs 6.7 and 6.8.

    7. The returned product must be fully complete, in original packaging (should contain all the items contained in the product packaging: cables, plastic bags, polystyrene foam packaging, etc.). Should the product be purchased during a campaign with some other product bundled with it, the whole bundle is to be returned (i.e. all the products).

    8. Purchased goods are not refundable in the event that they were made taking into account the personal needs of the Customer or by proposed and selected by Customer conditions.

    9. To products referred to in p. 6.8, includes all window visors (except Standard Series), ie window visors, indicated on web page and in the order as the Wide Series, Chrome Series, Color Series, Third Part, or containing the words data. Also Client understands, that a set of deflectors produced exclusively by the characteristics and form of his vehicle accordingly can not be used on any other client’s vehicle. On that basis the goods can not be returned.

    10. To products referred to in p.6.8 are all model seat covers, except universal. The customer understands, that production of model seat covers occurs exclusively for form of customer specifications and customer’s car seats, and therefore can not be used on any other vehicle client. On that basis the goods can not be returned.

  7. Return of the products not meeting the requirements

    1. If the goods that are sold in E-Shop are not technically sophisticated products, warranty is not provided.

    2. Astela OÜ is not responsible for defects caused by improper installation, operation or improper handling of goods.

    3. Astela OÜ is not responsible for the deterioration in performance / product damage inflicted by the Customer.

    4. Normal physical depreciation of goods during the normal use may not be a disadvantage or defect.

    5. In case the product must be installed according to the installation guide of the product and customer informs / claims that the product is defective, then the customer is obliged to prove the right way of installation with video.

    6. If the product defect occurs, the Client is obliged to inform about this Astela OÜ immediately after receiving the product (if the product is defective, then the customer can not open it and / or install).

    7. If the customer ordered the wrong product at the fault, the goods can be returned within 14 days after receipt.

    8. Claims for an already installed product or product that is trying to be installed are acceptable only if the product was installed in specializing in this company, and the client has confirming the installation and qualification Installer document. Astela OÜ recommends that customers ensure qualification of Installer before the product installation and request the issuance of a document confirming the installation. During the installation of the goods, the responsibility is on the installer.

  8. Liability and force majeure

    1. Astela OÜ and the customer are mutually liable for any damage caused to another party by not complying to the present terms in amount and in cases provided for by the applicable Estonian Republic legislative acts.

    2. Astela OÜ is not responsible for the damage incurred to the cusomer as well as product delivery delays, should such damage or delivery delay be caused by circumstances beyond Astela OÜ control, and occurrence whereof Astela OÜ did not foresee and could not have possibly foreseen (force majeure).

    3. The parties are relieved from responsibility for full or partial failure assumed in accordance with these Terms obligations if such failure was caused by force majeure or the consequence of the actions of third parties.

    4. Astela OÜ does not compensate for moral damage, which in the opinion of the Client may occur when changing the delivery time, price and other conditions under the current General Terms and Conditions.

    5. Astela OÜ does not compensate customers the opportunity costs if the Client to third parties took over and broke the obligations, which may conflict with the main points of the General Conditions.

    6. Astela OÜ does not compensate to the Client untapped opportunities arising when changing delivery schedules, prices, and other conditions associated with changes in the General Conditions.

    7. Customer is responsible for all actions performed by using his login and password on the site

    8. The customer is responsible for the selection of goods with the wrong specifications, and as a result, receiving of unwanted goods.

  9. Other conditions

    1. All the personal data, submitted by the customer while visiting and effecting purchases in Astela E-Shop are considered confidential. A protected data transmission channel with the bank guarantees the security of personal data and bank transactions. Astela E-Shop has no access to these data.

    2. All matters not covered by the present terms are to be resolved based on the applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.

    3. Disputes arising between the Client and Astela OÜ in connection with the purchase of goods through the online store are resolved through negotiations. If an agreement has not been or can not be reached, the customer has the right to apply for protection of his rights into Viru County Court (Viru Maakohus). When dispute resolution takes into account the existing legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

    4. Product images in E-Shop are mostly illustrative and may differ from actual products.

    5. If the customer has noticed the discrepancy in the description or the image of the goods, is he obliged to inform us by phone or email.

    6. Before buying a product, Client can always clarify all needed product information from the e-store sales department assistant during business hours by phone or e-mail.

    7. Before the order confirmation and payment the customer does necessarily familiarize with these terms and agrees with them. Without the client's consent to these terms a purchase can not be made.

    8. The text of this agreement is drawn up in Estonian and translated into other languages. Legal force of this agreement has only the text in Estonian language. Text in other languages may be inaccurate and is only written for informational purposes.

  10. Disclaimer

    1. Product price and stock status can change with no prior notice. In this case, Astela OÜ reserves the right to cancel the sale and to return the money to the customer on his account within 14 working days.

    2. Astela OÜ reserves the right to cancel an order with incorrect data, such as typing errors, technical problems or mass ordering. In case of an obvious price error Astela E-Shop may allude to an error. Namely, if there has been an obvious mistake, the customer should realize the error (for instance, if the item that costs €180 is for sale at €18). The "limited amount" or similarly marked products can be ordered only 1 item per client.